your  life  &  space  redesigned

Visions turned into Action plans - problems into solutions

Life & Space re-design - Emmanuelle Stathopoulos - Victoria BC

Life & Space re-design - Emmanuelle Stathopoulos - Victoria BC

Using Environmental & Design Psychology, as well as Coaching,

i HELP you:

the home owner

  •  Space Coaching: Turn your inner dream and vision of what constitutes the ideal space for you, into words and specific design features in order to redesign your space the way you want it.
  • Personal Coaching: Redesign your life, yourself, your career.

the business owner

Improve your existing business space into one that best reflects your brand, product or service. A space that offers your clients a memorable experience, one that they will desire to repeat and recommend to others. 

Making your business special and unique.

the designer - REALTOR-constructor

Better understand the needs of your client without having to do the work yourself. By interviewing your clients I gather all the information needed in order to translate their inner vision into tangible specific terms and create an easy design brief for you to work on.