Emmanuelle Stathopoulos, Life & Space Re-design, Victoria BC

Emmanuelle Stathopoulos,

Life & Space Re-design, Victoria BC

Emmanuelle Stathopoulos, founder and owner of Inner Dream To Outer Form, specializes in Environmental and Design Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach. She is based in Victoria BC, Canada, but works worlwide too via Skype.

She studied in the UK, getting a Psychology BA at Reading University and an MSC in Environmental Psychology at Surrey University. Her thesis: 'Conceptualizations of Recreational Places', was the result of her interest in how people conceptualize places that make them feel good, relax and enjoy themselves. This led to a further study of Multi-functional hospitality and commercial spaces.

She later studied different Feng Shui Schools and became a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner with Nancilee Wydra's Feng Shui Institute of America and later with the more advanced Flying Stars school of Feng Shui with Master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Center of Canada. Adding this knowledge eclectically to her scientific background she created her own personal approach to creating harmonious environments for her clients. 

She has developed commercial properties in Athens, Greece, working together with architects, contractors, stone masons, carpenters and cabinet makers and gained experience in managing and supervising projects from beginning to end. She has designed interiors as well as external spaces and supervised the realization of those projects. She has a love for ergonomic kitchen design but her passion is to create spaces with special atmospheres that answer the client's own unique INNER DREAM and vision.

Working with client's she realized soon enough that it is never just about the Space, but that the human part of the equation plays a most important role. This led her years later to undertake Coaching studies at Erickson College International in Vancouver and she became a Certified Professional Coach so as to better serve her clients offering:

Life & Space Re-Design Coaching and Consulting.

She uses Psychology, Design, as well as Coaching principles and techniques, to help her clients turn their abstract dream and vision into the tangible and concrete that can be used to create specific design briefs in order to create a Space that answers their wants and needs. A space that fits their personality, aesthetic and functional preferences as well as values and that supports their dreams and goals.

She is especially sensitive to and interested in helping people with physical challenges and chronic conditions create a life and space that will best answer their needs, elevate their spirit, make them feel good and happy in their space and enjoy life as much as possible, thus her passion for functional, ergonomic design and design that feeds the soul.

She believes in the benefits of simplifying things at every level and focusing on what has heart and meaning for the individual. Focusing more on quality rather than quantity, authenticity, originality and infusing one's space with love and pleasure. Striking a balance between sterile minimalism and overwhelming maximalism, she is a believer of the old Greek saying: "Everything in good measure".

She believes in the value of decluttering in both one's life and space and that decluttering one's space can open the door to deeper and more meaningful 'decluttering' in a person's life in general. She perceives decluttering as the process of getting down to the essential, the valuable, the necessary, the meaningful, thereby stripping off the unnecessary, the superficial, the burdensome and bringing more lightness and freedom into one's life and making space for the new.

Psychological 'decluttering' is all about connecting with one's inner self, acknowledging what is there, leaving behind what no longer serves us and keeps us stuck in repeated negative patterns of behavior and keeping and developing what is useful and beneficial for our well being.

Decluttering of both the mind and space allows for reduction of stress and worry, going around in circles of chaos and confusion and an increase in clarity, creativity and productivity, peace and satisfaction, hence more happiness and joy.

Loving beauty and harmony, she values achieving a state of balance, whatever that means for each person. From balancing the elements of a design scheme to striking a balance between the different aspects of one's life in order to achieve a beneficial and harmonious result.

She works with individuals as well as small businesses, especially hospitality and retail.

My services are 'A la carte', fully personalized for your individual needs.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or further information at: info@innerdreamtoouterform.com