Last minute Christmas Decorations


Christmas is nearly there and I haven’t come round to doing any decoration yet. I know…

In case you haven’t either, I will share with you one of my favorite Interior Design blogs: Belgian Pearls. Greet Lefevre is sharing her Christmas decoration with us here  It is simple, elegant, beautiful and easy.

You can downgrade or upgrade as you wish, the whole point is to create beauty and surround yourself, your home, your guests, with what you truly love and makes your smile.

A little touch here, a little there, love is in the details. It doesn’t need to be perfect, please everyone or need a lot of effort. It does need to be soulful, mindful and make you feel joyful and happy!

Whether you have a family or are on your own, take a little time to create beauty and honor love. Relax on the couch, cuddle in your favorite blankie, drink that hot chocolate, savor those biscuits, enjoy your loved ones, have lots of laughs, have fun, open your heart, share the love!

Merry Christmas!