Design your New Year using the learning of the last one.


It is that time of year again where we are hoping for a better future, pondering on our new resolutions, plans and dreams. The thing is experience has shown that more often than not, New Year resolutions don’t work. Either we don’t follow up on them, commit strongly enough or get out of steam pretty quick. So what if instead of looking eagerly to what the new year will bring, we took a good look behind us at the year that is heading out the door?

The new year does not come out of a vacuum, it is the exact consequence of our actions of the previous year. As such it can be good, bad, better or worse depending on what we decide to do with the gift of learning of the previous year. Looking back at what worked and what didn’t, what was a waste of time and what was worth every penny, will give us the best tools to design our action plan for the new year.

Based on facts and figures, feelings and state of being of the last year, we can design and plan for what we want to create for ourselves. Knowing why we are choosing to do X instead of Z, and setting a clear road map of our new or improved strategy in EVERY detail, is a much more useful tool than a simple and vague wish.

Yes, the strength is in the details. An outline is not enough, it does not paint a clear and specific enough picture to engage the power of our mind. We need to go deeper, to our emotions, to what has heart and meaning for us. When we look at a clear action plan with all the reasons why attached to it and what benefits our new choices will bring to us, it gets much more potent.

The information on it should not be a vague “ I want to lose weight”. Instead:

  1. So far I have tried x,y,z ways to loose weight
  2. I have not lost any because of 1,2,3 reasons
  3. These have been the a,b,c consequences of it on my health, state of mind and general well being
  4. Because I want to a) be lighter so as to tax my hips and knees less, b) feel good about myself, c) be healthier
  5. These are the x,y,z, changes am going to put into place in order to create better results
  6. Loosing this extra weight will bring the following x,y,z positive changes in my life
  7. So that I can enjoy a,b,c
  8. And do 1,2,3 which are essential to my life’s enjoyment

See what I mean?

Having the action plan into place is the start but we need more than that. We need a daily road map. We need to cut that big plan into smaller chunks until we have our daily chunks clearly put down on paper.

Here is a little TIP. Put away the larger, general goal plan and look at ONLY your daily chunks. Focus on the little parts each and every day and the puzzle will come along just fine, even when you do not fret about it every day. 

THIS is the SECRET, taking away the stress and overwhelm that the big picture is causing you by focusing only on ONE thing at a time. There is a catch though, you GOT to commit 100% to DOING that one little thing, every little step that is next on your list. Staying and focusing on the present is crucial for your success.

New Year resolutions rarely work. The future is the product of your past + the decisions you take in your every day present.
•    Use the learning from your past and evaluate what has and hasn’t worked and why it didn’t
•    Decide what you want to achieve and why, list down how it will benefit you
•    Design your new strategy and plan of action in every detail using the above example
•    Create your general road map
•    Cut it down into smaller chunks and note it down in your organizer monthly, weekly, daily
•    Put away the general road map and focus on ONLY the daily action steps! 
•    Review monthly, reevaluate, make adjustments if and when needed, tweak daily 

Ships don’t navigate themselves, they drift. Captains navigate ships. Be the captain of your life.