Falling in love with a kitchen -One wall storage

I can confidently say, that I am in love with this kitchen! Perhaps the first thing I got infatuated with were the gorgeous turquoise green tiles, but right after was the functionality and the design.

The hidden extractor fan behind the wall and beautiful wooden beam, is something that I particularly like since am not a great fan of visible extractor fans, unless they have an exceptionally beautiful design.

The fact that the cooking area is nicely delineated from the rest of the kitchen in it’s own nook, lends it that old fashioned hearth style that is so charming.

I also love the little side built shelves for spices and other essentials and the fact that there is enough room on either side of the stove to rest pots and pans while cooking and in general have a bit of worktop area to work on.

Yet what really got me is what is not seen on the picture. The visible island worktop area, insinuates that there is ample free from upper cabinets working area and that there must be one wall in that kitchen where one can find the fridge, pantry and top to bottom storage cabinets. Making it an exceptionally functional and pleasurable to work in kitchen!

To me there is nothing more oppressive and a waste of space than having upper cabinets on top of the worktop area, instead of having them in top to bottom fashion on one wall of the kitchen with the top consisting of cabinets and the bottom of drawers.

This is what I call the ‘One wall kitchen’ design. Not because the kitchen is on one wall but because it’s main cabinetry, fridge and pantry is on one wall from top to bottom leaving the rest of the kitchen upper cabinet free, thus giving it an air of roominess and freedom to work in

This kitchen design can be created in any kitchen style, look great and be functional. From minimalist modern design, high tech, or industrial, modern rustic, or classic and traditional. It can even be done with free standing kitchen furniture with upcycled old wardrobes turned into pantries for example, beautiful free standing colorful fridges and any other shelving wall units you can create yourself!

European kitchens, especially of Italian and German design have long ago adopted this style with a lot of success and happy clients. It gives the kitchen a much more streamlined and airy look and effective functionality than the traditional American kitchen design.

It can also be potentially less costly and complicated to make, if you were to have your kitchen made by a cabinet maker, depending of course on the materials used, but even more so if you love DIY and you decide to put the kitchen together yourself. Especially the free standing kitchen furniture option can be a real pleasure to create and put together, giving you the option to even use vintage or antique pieces and incorporating them in your design.

There is a lot one can do if you decide to go with free standing kitchen style the sky is the limit if you’ve got imagination and love to mix and match pieces you love, play around with colors and materials and are not obsessed with clinical kitchen design. You can create a kitchen you will love and that will be a pleasure to prepare meals in, or even hang around with your friends and family.

Set yourself free from the traditional kitchen design look and opt for simplicity, creativity and function! Create your own unique kitchen and have fun enjoying a kitchen you love.