From Vision Board to Action Board

How many vision boards have you done that are either lying inside a drawer, box or at best still hanging on the wall collecting dust?

Yes, vision boards are a lot of fun and enjoyably creative! They help one clarify their thoughts, explore their dreams and wants, realize things they were not aware about before, experience emotions about things they did not know they had, explore options, reevaluate issues and much more.

Ideally the whole point of vision boards is to help the person get a clear picture of the goals they want to achieve, yet more often than not their effect wears off rather quickly and motivation is lost.

The reason being that they are not usually followed by an Action Board. An action board is essentially a plan of action mapped out in a clear and meaningful form on a board, piece of paper, picture on an iPhone, the choice is yours. The use of an action board is to help the person create a clear picture of the action steps needed in order to achieve their goals and dreams depicted on their vision board and to have it at hand at any time for reference so as to be able to act upon it.

Yet even that may not be enough to move one into action. And here comes the Personal Symbols Action Board which is something altogether different. It is a board that is the result of an extensive, creative and deeply experiential process that has integrated in the body, mind and soul of the person, an important Empowerment Symbol personally meaningful to the individual.

It is a work that is challenging to do in a group and is best done on a one to one basis. The reason being that in order to achieve optimum results, the individual needs to have privacy, feel 100% relaxed and at ease, something which is usually hard to achieve in a group setting.

The Empowerment through Symbols Process, was developed by Emmanuelle Stathopoulos for this purpose and employs a combination of techniques and concepts from Coaching, Visualization, Mindfulness, Art therapy, Dance/Movement therapy, Shamanism and Qi Gong.