Turning Inner Dreams To Outer Form

It takes one ray of sunshine to light the darkness, one person's smile to brighten our day, one little step to get on our way. Yet if we do not know what constitutes our darkness. If we can not see the smile on that person's face, if we do not know our destination but most importantly our 'why', our purpose and intentions, then there can be no meaningful creation.

Without meaning there is chaos, everything is abstract and floating into the void. There can be no form without definition, intention and meaningfulness.

For something to take form and become reality there has to be harmonious communication and interconnection of it's parts, patterns and matrices. There needs to be an intention to create and a clear definition of the creation itself.

To turn our inner dream into outer form, that dream must mean something important to us. Then it needs to be clearly defined for what it is. After that we must examine the parts that constitute that dream and how they translate into action steps and finally take that action.

One step at a time. Once we are clear about our dream, clear about what we want but most importantly why we want it, the engines of creation are turned on. Then we must give those engines a direction to follow, the GPS of goal achievement is clear definition.

The journey to our end goal is all about crossing bridges from point A where we are now to point B where we want to go. Going through different target points that will lead us to the next and then the next until we reach our destination.

Sometimes we have to make many stops and collect useful information, experience, learning that we will need for our journey or to make it to the next step. All this 'baggage' of experience is interconnected and directly related to our goal, even if sometimes we have a hard time seeing how. Trust the process. Keep walking. Have faith.