Experimental Dandelion Farm - Do Not Disturb Weeds...

‘Welcome - Experimental Dandelion Farm – Do not disturb weeds’

Somewhere in Victoria BC, Canada

Sometimes one comes across a house that is the ‘eccentric guy’ in the neighbourhood… You cannot always spot it from afar, as you may have to go closer to discover all the surprising little messages left here and there, with such lovely intent that you cannot help but smile.

This particular one had collections of sea shells and stones all around the fence and this great sign on the garden gate: ‘Experimental Dandelion Farm – Do not disturb weeds’

When I first saw it a couple of years ago when visiting Victoria BC, I felt an immediate connection with the home’s owner/s, even though I never met them. My soul recognized the subtle ‘language’ so delicately ‘painted’ all around the house. Little soul messages hidden in sea shells and stones and a message to leave Mother Nature alone on the gate.

I couldn’t help but remember a moment in my past, across the Atlantic and in a Northern suburb of Athens, Greece, when one day my neighbour shouted angrily at me over the fence: “You should get rid of all your weeds because the wind transports their seeds onto my lawn and destroy it!”…

The weeds –for her- where my beautiful wild flowers -daisies, poppies, corn flowers, chamomile - which spread colour in my back garden and filled my heart with joy! The ‘weeds’, where the magic of nature to which I looked forward to every day. The sheer excitement of exploration and discovery in the garden, gifted me with some blissful and most joyful moments. According to her, my beautiful wild flowers were monsters to be exterminated, a penalty of death they supposedly deserved for daring ‘invading’ her perfect manicured lawn.

So you can imagine that when I saw that sign on that blessed Victoria home’s gate, not only I smiled and felt my heart filled with a silent, secret and undisclosed complicity, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it!

It is ironic how some of us seeking perfection and control over our environment, do not hesitate to kill and destroy it’s own very natural beauty. A matter of perception? No doubt about it. Yet that does not make me or my neighbour right or wrong.

The sad thing though is that the one who thinks they are ‘right’ and think they are backed by the general consensus, feel they have every right to make demands with the authority and tone of voice of a wicked witch. The same kind of person who would secretly and behind your back, pour chemicals to your beloved tree and burn it’s roots in order to dry it out and kill it because they might be allergic to it and feel they have every right to justify their action, only they don’t have the guts to do so openly…

So yes, several decades later and an ocean and continent away, this sign on that gate made my day!