Wish, Hope and Try


These are the three words that you need to remove from your vocabulary!
Why? Because if you ‘wish’ or ‘hope’ for something it means that you are not certain that you will make it happen. If you say you will ‘try’  to do something it means that you are not 1000% committed and determined to do it. As Yoda says:

Do or do not, there is no try”

Would you trust someone who would say to you “I will try to make it for tomorrow”?
Would someone inspire confidence in you if they said “I wish I will be able to do this”?
Would you feel secure with a future partner to be if they told you “ I hope  this relationship will work”?

Probably not, if you were to be truly honest, so how would you expect the world out there to trust you and believe you when you use those words yourself? How shall your own self, your own subconscious believe you? Wish, hope and try allow for a lot of slack. It is like saying OK, it didn’t work out but I tried and I can make do with that. If this is the subliminal message you are sending to your inner self, why should it even bother engaging all of its resources to make things happen?

To make things happen all parts of your mind must be on the same page and that is:”No matter what comes our way, we shall do this!” If one part of your mind, your conscious, sabotages your subconscious by using less than efficient language, no matter how much energy you pump yourself with, it will get instantly annihilated.

It is like trying to run with your legs tied to a pole with chains. Those very words you use are turning into chains that prevent you to move forward at the pace your conscious mind would wish if at all. Even though they sound like very positive words when read on their own as notions ‘wish’, ‘hope’ and ‘try’, when put in a sentence the dynamics change drastically.

If you give yourself even the slightest option or possibility for failure or a negative result, then you open the door wide open to it. I wish for something means that I dream about something and wish it to become true. By whom? Who is going to make this come true? I wish has a very different quality to I will or I want. Same with I hope for something to happen. It is the same as a wish. We give our power away from the very beginning to something we already do not believe 100% we can make happen, otherwise we wouldn’t use the words I wish or hope.

Finally when we say we shall try to do something, it clearly gives out the message that we are not committing ourselves totally and fully with all our heart but we may attempt to do something and see how it goes. We offer ourselves the option to change our minds or stop trying if things get too difficult or tough. In other words we rob ourselves of a large chunk of energy and power by not saying “ I will do this”. By keeping our options open we allow for our energy to leak out in either of two channels instead of a single one. It is pure dynamics of energy.

Having said that, not everything is under our control and yes, there are times that we may wish for a disaster to not happen, we may hope for things to go well for our surgery, we may indeed be in a position where we may need to try to do something and cannot give promises. Yet these are few and far between in comparison to all the instances in our every day life where many more things are under our control and in our power than we think.

For example, we can usually always make or find the time, even if it is but a few minutes, for something that is really important to us. We find the strength and resolve to achieve something if a loved one is in danger. We push ourselves really hard if we want something really bad. 

The question is how bad we want something? How strong is our belief that we deserve it? How much do we believe in ourselves? How powerful is the need that drives us? How threatening to our survival is the option of not achieving our goal? This is why it is really hard to beat someone who is fighting for their life or livelihood or for their loved ones.

Wish, hope and try are not the only words. Another big one is ‘I think I can do this’, which is same as ‘try’. You think but are not sure? What kind of energy are you sending to your subconscious through that message? Next time you open your mouth, listen to what you are saying to yourself or others and edit your thoughts or verbal expression thoroughly.

Bring to your mind influential people that have made a strong impression on you at some point. What was it about them that attracted you to them or their message? What was it that made you feel good, relieved, calm, reassured, inspired, empowered, energized? Can you guess? 

The certainty they emanated through their words and attitude, their total and full commitment, the embodiment of their belief. The serenity and peace that comes from total synchronization, coherence, harmony of body mind and soul. The Holy Trinity of Creation. We need all three parts to work in unison and for one goal to make things happen. The words we use to formulate our thoughts and the images we use to visualize them are precious invaluable tools. Use them well.