De-cluttering can be quite overwhelming, and even emotionally taxing. This is why so many of us have such a hard time taking the decision to do it and take action. It does not need to be so hard or difficult though and can actually be turned into an enjoyable process!

I come to your place and make an evaluation of your present situation and work with you to determine what you want to achieve and why, the why being an important factor in the success of your endeavor. We then together design your strategy and create your plan of action in full detail. You can either execute the plan on your own, or I can assist you in person for as much time you feel you need our help and support.

In order to ensure that the 'Beast of Clutter' is always kept under control, I offer Personal Coaching sessions specifically geared towards that goal, as well as annual memberships for De-Cluttering:

1. Twice a year, Spring and Fall

2. Four times a year, at the beginning of every season or 

3. Mini de-cluttering monthly sessions

For more information or to book an appointment contact me at: