your  life  &  space  redesigned

Visions turned into Action plans - problems into solutions


My services consist of 2 categories:

  • Life RedesigN=Personal Coaching

  • Space Redesign=Home/Business Space Evaluation, De-cluttering, Home Staging, Design Briefs, Functional Assessment


Simplify your life, declutter your mind and space, clarify your wants and needs, be specific, be courageous, embrace and welcome change
Focus on what is essential, of value, what works what is beautiful, brings you joy and what has heart and meaning for you
Choose QUALITY over quantity, the MEANINGFUL over the superficial, the LONG TERM over the short term, the INSPIRING over the plain
Get rid of the superfluous, the unnecessary, the burdensome, the doubts, the fears, the limiting beliefs, ghosts of the past

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