HOME redesign

The goal is to create a home in which you feel good, function optimally and resonates with your personality, identity, lifestyle and is in tune with your goals and aspirations. An environment that is supportive and nurturing that fulfills your wants and needs and encourages you to be who you want to be. One in which you will feel inspired and energized but will also be your sanctuary where you will be able to relax and restore your energy. Function effectively, be creative and productive. A home that matches your inner vision of your ideal home. 


I evaluate your existing place in relation to your wants and needs and give you ideas and suggestions for making changes and improvements that will better satisfy those.

I come to your place, we talk, you show me around, tell me what the problems are, what does not work for you any more, what you would like to change, what you want to achieve, how you want to feel and function in your home. 

Once I have understood and identified what it is you want to achieve, I then give you ideas and suggestions for changes and improvements and I create a Design Brief for you. This is a report which contains all the information, directions and inspiration you need to create your ideal space yourself, give to the Design Professional or Contractor of your choice, or to one of the professionals I collaborate with. 

The process involves a certain degree of Personal Coaching as the aim is to go beyond the surface and current design trends. The aim is to find out what your real wants and needs are at every level, from the most practical ergonomic concerns to what your soul needs in order to feel at HOME. 

if you want to become clutter free

If you want something more than to get rid of clutter but want to reach the point where clutter will not be part of your life any more, we can work together to find out the solutions that best suit your personality and needs. This is more than physical decluttering, it is changing your mindset, values and perceptions about 'stuff'.

If you are stuck or feel overwhelmed I can help you out, either by evaluating the situation and creating a practical action plan for you to follow on your own, or I can help you through the decluttering process itself so that it is done faster, more efficiently and less or no stress. We can make it a fun process that you can actually enjoy!

If you need to move or downsize: 

I help you sort out your belongings or those of a family member or friend whom you may be helping, help you declutter the space and get ready to pack and move to start anew with only what you need what is useful and has heart and meaning for you.

I help you start anew, get rid of the unnecessary, the superficial, the non useful, by keeping only what you will need, what you love and what is valuable to you. Cutting through the confusion, lightening your burden, reducing your stress and maximizing the joy and satisfaction, peace of mind and contentment. 

If you need to prepare your home for sale: 

I help you Home Stage it so that your potential buyers get the best first impression of your house, thus maximizing the chance to sell higher and quicker.


The goal is to make this process as enjoyable and stress free as possible in a relaxed, easy going atmosphere.

My services are a-la-carte and highly individualized. You tell me what you need and I help you achieve it.