Are you at a stage in life where you want and/or need to:

  • Start anew after loss or make a new beginning, try something new
  • Get clarity about what you want and why, design your action plan, commit and go after your goals
  • Reconsider your existing situation and make changes and/or improvements
  • Reinvent yourself, change your look, style, mindset, attitude
  • Change course professionally
  • Find solutions to existing problems that keep you stuck
  • Go after your dreams and turn them into reality
  • Get back into the driver's seat

then Life Redesign will help you navigate the muddy waters of hesitation, confusion, insecurity, fear or doubt  and emerge into your new reality successfully. Get you unstuck, break the chains of procrastination, limiting beliefs, negative mindset, low self esteem and help you take the steering wheel of accountability, take your life's full responsibility and get back into the driver's seat.

Note: It is important to make clear that Life Redesign is NOT therapy nor counseling. It is a process that does not focus on your past experiences, traumas or programming, even though light may be shed on it to understand why you think and act the way you do, in order to help you create the change you want.

Life Redesign is solution focused, present and future oriented and requires full ownership and active engagement from you to be succesful

We can meet online or face to face. The sessions are usually about 60' long and can be offered individually or in packages.

To find out  more or ask me any questions you may have, contact me by clicking on the button below.