create the LIFE AND SPACe you love

If you feel stuck in life or are wondering how you could improve it, make it simpler, better, easier, happier, more exciting, more peaceful, engaged, whatever it is your heart is longing for, then you need to change something, do something different from what you did so far.

Change can be scary and/or stressful because it involves moving out of the known of what constitutes our comfort zone and into the uncertainty of the unknown. Yet without it we can never have a chance to experience something other than what is not satisfying any more.

We need to first find out and clarify what it is we want or at the very least what it is we do not want. What has heart and meaning for us, what drives us, what makes us happy, in love with life. 

Then we need to create an action plan, design our strategy on how to get from where we are in our present to where we want to get in our future. Design our map, set up our GPS, break down the different parts of our journey to change and take it step by step, one day at a time with full commitment.

We need to make a decision and follow up with consistent action steps. Having a map to follow does not guarantee that we may not have to sidetrack or that we won't get lost, but it will be temporary and we will be able to get soon back on track and navigate even the most confusing waters.

Without clarity about our wants and needs and what has heart and meaning for us, as well as without a clear map and specific action plan on how to get where we want to get, it is easy to get lost into confusion, go around the circles of procrastination, sink into disappointment and non deliberate action. That is how we loose our courage, faith, energy and motivation and end up going back to feeling stuck into idleness and helplessness.

Things get much simpler when we know what we want, why we want it and where we want to go in life, who we want to be or become, how we want to live our lives. Personal Coaching can assist you in achieving exactly that. Get where you want to get in life and be who you want to be. Live the life you want to live.

It is often said that our space is a reflection of who we are. I only partly agree to that statement  and would like to add that our space can very often reflect who we are not. We interact with our space, we shape it and it shapes us. What we put into it is what it will give us back. If we create a space for ourselves that does not answer our needs, those needs will not be met, as simple as that.

In order for our home to support us and our lifestyle or the way we want to live, the goals we want to achieve, we must first design and create the space that will make that possible.

  • If we want clarity and peacefulness we need to get rid of the clutter and obstacles that prevent those.
  • If we are stuck, bored, uninspired, we need to bring inspiration in our home.
  • If we are depressed or feeling down we need to create a space that will uplift our spirit.
  • If we are stressed and exhausted we need to create a space where relaxation and recharging is possible.
  • If we want to engage in specific activities we must set up our space in such a way so that it can be easy and effortless for us to do so.

Whatever our wants and needs are, our goals and aspirations, we can design or redesign our space in such a way so that it can support our Inner Dream so that we can bring it To Outer Form, manifest it into reality.

Our homes are so much more than shelters. They can facilitate or obstruct our lives, our growth, our wants and needs, our dreams. A cookie cutter home with an indifferent style will not resonate with us and we won't feel it as our 'Home'. We need to personalize our space, adjust it, change it or fine tune it so that it can resonate with our personality, our inner dream, our essence, our values, our tastes, our preferences, our life style or want to be lifestyle.