why life & Space redesign?


Very early on in my career, I realized that even though I was going to my clients homes to work on their homes it was never about the space itself but more about the person. Behind my clients' desire to make changes in their space, improve, renovate or create a more harmonious environment hid a deeper desire and need for inner change in themselves.

Not being aware perhaps or not knowing how to articulate those needs, they focused on what bothered them or they weren't happy with in their space and believed that once they would fix that, they would immediately feel better. But that was not always the case and the proof could be found in the fact that very quickly during the appointment the conversation would switch focus from their space to their lives, their problems, their preoccupations.

In my early days not knowing how to incorporate or present Environmental Psychology to my clients, I studied Feng Shui and became a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner so that I could use something my clientele could better understand and relate to. I was surprised to see how many of my clients expected and sought a 'magical' quick fix in their lives via Feng Shui and how so few of them were actually interested in understanding the scientific as well as common sense concepts behind it that they could use themselves.

There is nothing magical or metaphysical in Feng Shui, it is all a creation and product of the mind and it is all about very simple Psychological concepts which when understood can be used as tools and skills to improve our lives and bring about change. My clients however were not interested to know those mechanisms or learn how to use them, they wanted me to come with a magic wand, move things around their home and produce the miraculous change they longed for. That is the reason why I detached myself from traditional Feng Shui and only kept a few basic concepts that I used and still use eclectically in my practice today.

Our environment does influence and affect us but the relationship with it is interactive. We can make changes in our environment with the goal being to create a space for ourselves that will support and encourage the kind of life we want to have, who we want to be. The key is to be aware and clear about what it is we want to create for ourselves. What we want our reality to look, be and feel like.

In that sense it is evident that clearing clutter and moving furniture around alone will not change anything, nor will any amount of renovation or redesign unless we do the necessary inner work needed for us to get aligned with our inner dream, wants and needs so that we can bring them into outer form, make them our reality.

This is why I have combined the two aspects of Life & Space Redesign together, because both are needed to produce real change and improvement. Of course not everyone needs Personal Coaching and many of my clients simply need and want interior design practical solutions to make their space more functional and efficient, more aesthetically pleasing to live and work in.  This is why you can purchase each of my services individually and/or create your own individual package that will serve your particular needs.

My work largely consists of the preliminary work before the interior designer gets on their drawing board/computer to create the ideal design for you. I am the translator of your wants and needs, of your inner vision of what you would like to achieve in your space and the mediator between you and the designer or contractor to ensure your needs are understood so that you have better chances of them being met and getting the results you want.

I come into your space, evaluate it in relation to what you want from it, sit down and discuss your vision and ideas and aim to discover and explore your deeper needs that make you think you want what you want. I say that because quite often what we think we want and what we really want is not exactly the one and the same. In interior design it is often the case where we think we want, for example a green couch with a bookcase in the back that we saw on Pinterest, yet what we may actually long for is a quiet space that reminds us of nature where we can get lost in the world of fiction. Furthermore the reason we may feel the need for a quiet space where we can get lost in fiction may be because of a deeper need for relief from stress or sadness.

The more we peel that onion of what has heart and meaning for us, of what drives us, what makes us long for or find something visually attractive and desirable, or not, the more we connect with our real, authentic inner wants and needs and the better we are able to find solutions that will address and answer those needs. Quite often we may end up with a totally different design theme or solution than the one we originally thought we wanted after this process.

For interior designers, this process of inner exploration of their clients needs, can prove very useful as it may allow for more flexibility and possibility for options that may had remained hidden from view at first. For the client, a design brief created after this discovery process and worked upon by the designer has a lot more chances of producing a satisfactory result that will be the direct product of their inner vision their inner dream.

Thus the name of my business: Inner Dream To Outer Form