INNER DREAM TO OUTER FORM is about what we see and feel as beautiful that resonates with our soul.

We all have our own innate personal sense of beauty and aesthetics. What we are drawn to, what fascinates us and leaves us in awe is directly linked with our ‘Inner Dream’. Our inner dream is essentially the eyes of our psyche, the mental schemas which we have in our mind, the emotional blueprint of our soul.

When our inner dream finds or meets its ‘Outer Form’ it’s the moment when what we see outside of us resonates and aligns fully and completely with our ‘Inner Dream’. That moment of awe where time stops, where we feel that warm feeling of satisfaction in our hearts.

From the environment we live in, to the things that we choose to surround ourselves with, aesthetics and quality matter. They can either enhance of reduce our quality of life, influence our state of being, alter our mood, shift our state of mind. It pays to pay attention to that. To consciously make the right choices for us. To be mindful consumers.

Aesthetics is not the whole story though. Beauty needs to be attached to meaning and values. Something must be both beautiful -to us- and meaningful -to us- to have a strong impact in our lives, for us to feel an important sense of desire for and attachment to it.

Some of us pay more or less importance to beauty and aesthetics, we are affected differently from it. For those of us for whom beauty matters and the sense of awe, pleasure and satisfaction is more than physical, it is all the more important to surround ourselves with it.

Bringing your Inner Dream To Outer Form is what Art is all about, what the artistic process is all about, what Craftsmanship is all about. To live life as a work of Art or Craftsmanship is living according to one’s inner values, driven by one’s ‘Inner Dream’ and manifesting it into ‘Outer Form’.