The Law of Attraction thing – Mustn’t burst the bubble!


Have I read the book? Yes, I have. Have I read the improved versions and explanations of the Law? Yes, some. Have I read various books around the same subject of how the energy we radiate outwards affects our reality? Indeed, quite a few. What is my take on it? Read below.

Let me begin with the fact that I wouldn’t desire anything more than if it was true. Or to be humble and allow for the possibility that I really suck at it, that I could say I was good at it. Unfortunately whether I and millions of others are poor students, or the Law of Attraction doesn’t exist, or if it indeed does exist we haven’t quite figured out exactly how.

What is certain though is that those who have written about it, have indirectly created what they desired for themselves, the abundance and comfort to sit back and watch the rest of us struggle to achieve similar results.

Now that I got the cynical thoughts out of the way, I can share with you what I really think. I think that the Law of Attraction works a bit like Feng Shui. What do I mean by that you may ask, bear with me for a moment. Feng Shui works as a self-fulfilling prophecy based on the power of belief on the Feng Shui ‘cures’ in the following way.

The person truly believes X,Y,Z ‘cure’ will change their luck. Person’s mindset changes as a result of that. They relax, become more positive and less stressed out. They show up in the world with the strong conviction in the back of their minds that everything will work out well in the end. They smile, are open to their everyday experiences, are in a good mood, respond positively to their environment. In other words they radiate positivity, faith and trust, confidence and a good attitude.

As a result the world around them responds in a corresponding way. They smile back, want to hang around them, want to chat, exchange ideas and propose collaborations, share ideas, share the enthusiasm and positivity. How do you think this will work out?

Most probably in positive communication and social exchanges where the person will be seen in a positive light.  If the person is a sales person they will more than likely effortlessly emanate confidence, persuasion and good vibes. That in turn will positively affect prospective buyers. If the person is an executive similar results will ensue.

If what the person is after is to find someone to create a relationship, they are more than likely to feel more relaxed and self-assured, thus appearing more desirable and sexy to others, thus increasing their chances of attracting the attention of a potential interested partner.

If what the person wants is improved health, they will most probably change their eating habits and exercise routines. They will pay less attention to their aches and pains and focus more on healing. Their body-mind will reduce the secretion of stress hormones and the mind-body pain loop will relax and allow for less reactivity to painful stimuli. They will be more likely to become more proactive in their quest for good health.

As long as the belief is strong enough, the person’s attitude and mindset will shift from anxious and fearful to confident, positive and proactive. They will show up in their best possible light and create the best possible impression to the world outside, thus attracting positive responses. Positive responses are more likely to attract more potential opportunities. Proactive and positive behavior together with better choices will bring better results and there you go! The positive snowball effect of Feng Shui!

I believe that the Law of Attraction works in similar ways. It’s all about changing one’s mindset from one of lack and fear to one of faith in the abundance of the ‘Universe’ and positivity. Of course things are bound to change in our external reality if we manage to change our internal one! The question is to what degree, for how long and what stops it?

Not many people manage to tame their inner Gremlins, let alone their deep seated fears and early negative conditioning. It’s not easy to silence those inner voices of self-doubt or doubt in general. The cynic inside us stubbornly claims to be ‘realistic’ and refuses to look at the world through rose colored glasses. It’s definitely not easy and more often than not virtually impossible to see past an exceptionally grim reality we may be living in, either due to extreme poverty, illness, war or catastrophe.

Having said that, we all know of people who have faced extreme adversity and have come out the other side with an indomitable spirit, unexplained positivity and a beaming smile and generosity. But for the greatest majority, this is rather the exception rather than the rule.

So is the Law of Attraction anything more than a positive ‘I will make it no matter what’ attitude? Is there anything truly metaphysical about it or is it just pure psychology and cause and effect kind of thing? The way I see it, it certainly has to do with what we radiate outwards and how the world responds to what we bring out there. The problem is how do we maintain that attitude long term? How do we not succumb to our inner gremlins, fears and insecurities, let alone our potential very real physical suffering or disabilities? How do we maintain that indomitable spirit of positivity, especially if it’s not in our nature?

One thing that really irks me with the Law of Attraction is the lighthearted way with which its proponents dare to claim that victims of mass catastrophes, war or poverty, all ‘collectively’ radiated  the same negative ‘frequency’! Really? So what about babies that die of cancer or accidents? How do these poor innocent beings ‘attracted’ their suffering and death? None of the proclaimed knowledgeable followers of the Law of Attraction can ever give me a satisfactory explanation on this and this is one of the main reasons why I have stayed away from the whole movement and people who associate with it or claim to follow the ‘path’. To me, this whole thing is totally absurd!

Add to this the fact that this whole movement has been based basically on monetary rewards for its creators and is nothing but a money making machine, to me there’s no difference between that and all the self-professed specialists on the internet who make money by teaching you how to make money! I cannot lie, this doesn’t taste good. Actually it screams deception big time and am not ready to join the club of self-deluded victims.

Having said that I do agree and believe it is all based on some sound and common sense psychological concepts and mechanisms which we could all learn to make more use of, yet it’s the claims and all of the big fuss around it that doesn’t appeal to me.

I have met and seen people who passionately believe in this whole thing to the point where they got me worried. People who despite suffering from depression would show up with a stuck smile on their face claiming that “everything is fine” in their lives. People who could have benefited from therapy or making different choices for themselves and their lives, staying stuck in life conditions that didn’t and couldn’t make them happy. Yet they religiously wrote in their gratitude journals every day, never entertained a negative thought –or so they thought- and truly believed the ‘magic’ would happen.

I have met people who actually believed that the fact that they ‘asked for a parking spot’ and getting one was anything more than coincidence and ‘proof’ that the Law of Attraction works! Yet they didn’t take the time to ponder why they didn’t win the lottery by the same logic. If asked they would come up with various rationalizations to justify why the Law didn’t seem to work as well in the most important aspects of their lives and would get quite annoyed at my questions. Mustn’t burst the bubble!

Perhaps I am a bit unfair, perhaps I do not get it. Perhaps this whole law of Attraction thing has given hope to those who needed it most and has brought some light into their lives or has made their reality more bearable. All these are good and positive effects, I admit. What I find too much is the collective delusional effect it has on people. A mass hypnotic state of ‘positivity’ and belief in miracles in spite of all that is going wrong in this world. Passive citizens that don’t bother to make an effort to change anything because they believe that they can achieve everything through positive thinking!

In that light I believe this Law of Attraction thing can be quite negative and damaging to society as a whole. If we disregard everything that is negative in society by finding relief and refuge in immersing ourselves in states of ‘gratitude’ and delusional nirvana, then who is going to do the heavy lifting? If we abstain from constructive criticism and proactive behavior for not wanting to appear we are whining or complaining about our reality, who is going to make the necessary changes in the physical, real world?

My belief is there’s something indeed very valuable in learning to shift our thoughts focus and mindset into a positive mode and steering our mind towards where we want to go. Showing up to the world in our best possible state, fear free and confident, resourceful, curious and creative, good willing and generous. However it can be catastrophic if we accept and believe that the Law of Attraction works in a ‘magical’ way through ‘good vibes’ and ‘frequencies’ that are appealing to an ‘abundant Universe’ which is waiting to fulfill our wishes like a cook waiting for orders.