Try JOIE CAFE at : 1610 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8T 3P1



Wednesday 8a.m.–8p.m.

Thursday 8a.m.–8p.m.

Friday 8a.m.–9p.m.

Saturday 8a.m.–9p.m.

Sunday 8a.m.–8p.m.

Monday 8a.m.–8p.m.

You can order take away at:

Phone: (250) 590-5520


First and foremost the food is great and you can eat much more than both sweet and savoury crepes there. From waffles to quiches, to Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame, to hearty Bordeaux sausages with eggs, you name it. They also have a variety of other take away meals that you can enjoy at home.

Great coffee, wonderful spiced Iced tea, exquisite Pain au Chocolat and other delicious pastries.

Laurent the owner and Chef is super nice and friendly as is his assistant Manon and all the other people who work there.

Nice, cosy, warm atmosphere. Great place to enjoy their goodies on your own or with company, or even meet a client to talk business.

You’ll feel as if you were somewhere in Europe in this place. You’ll feel welcome, be greeted with a smile and sometimes even with a kiss on the cheek!