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life redesign - personal coaching

Regular sessions are of 50' duration each and can be booked individually or in packages. The available packages consist of 4 or 8 or 12 sessions each. They can be offered face to face or online. If you want to combine it with a Space Redesign service it can be done on site.

I also offer Laser Focus sessions of 30' each. These are best suited for regular clients who know exactly what they want to work on and have little time available. These are usually done online or over the phone.

Individual sessions and packages of 4 are paid for in advance. Packages of 8 sessions can be paidin two installments and packages of 12 sessions can be paid in three installments.

Requests for prices, terms and conditions and refund policy can be obtained after the initial FREE consultation.

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space redesign - evaluation & coaching

The usual Space Evaluation is of 1 to 2 hours duration -depending on the space - and done on site.

There are many ways I can work with you depending on what you need to have done. For Private Spaces, clients can request anything from a simple instant evaluation and verbal feedback to a detailed written report, floor plans, design briefs, mood boards and more.

For Business Spaces, clients usually request a complete evaluation and report, but depending on your individual needs the services you may require can be adjusted and fitted to suit those needs as best as possible.

In order to determine exactly what you need:



De-cluttering services may comprise either of physical De-cluttering alone or be accompanied by Personal Coaching as well.

In both cases an initial evaluation of the space will be done, which usually takes 1 -2 hours. Before the end of the visit, a plan of action will be set in place. Depending on your needs and budget we shall decide together what kind of assistance you require and in what form. You can either hire me on an hourly basis or by package or by membership.

In order to determine which service will suit your needs best:


client - designer/realtor/constructor mediation

Either you are the Client and want me to assist you in communicating your wants and needs to your Designer/Realtor/Constructor, or you are the Designer/Realtor/Constructor and want me to help you understand your Client better and communicate more efficiently with them:

You can hire me on an hourly basis and/or to provide you with a Design Brief.

To better establish how I can best serve you:


Home Staging

Home Staging services are offered to both individuals and Realtors.

If you want to sell your house and need help to stage your house for sale, you can hire me to make an assessment of your property and create an action plan that you will undertake yourself or alternatively you can hire me on an hourly basis to assist you with the process.

If you are a Realtor and you need me to stage a property for sale for you, you can hire me either by the hour or by room. I can also prepare a property to be ready for the Photographer to take the listing photographs.

I offer Home Staging services only for furnished properties and work with the owner's furniture and accessories.

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